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    Honeysuckle Blend, Fatgue, Cleanse, Tea, Refresh
    Honeysuckle Blend, Fatgue, Cleanse, Tea, Refresh

    100% Natural Honeysuckle Blend Wellness Flora Tea


    Herbalist Honeysuckle Blend is a fragrant and pleasant-tasting beverage that is suitable for people of all ages and genders. It not only has various therapeutic effects but also provides numerous health benefits.

    Honeysuckle Blend is not only a beverage but also a way of healthy life. It not only clears heat and detoxifies but is also considered a premium health tea. It is well-known that abnormal climate changes, coupled with prolonged stress, often lead to liver issues. The combination of honeysuckle, chrysanthemum buds, and burdock root in this tea works to clear heat and reduce internal fire. Additionally, cassia and goji have a liver-clearing and eye-brightening effect, while osmanthus aids in digestion and improves the skin, helping individuals maintain a good state of well-being amidst their busy work.


    • Clears Heat and Detoxifies, Dispels External Cold.
    • Relieving Stress, Relieves Cough.
    • Nourishes the Eyes and Calms the Mind, Relieves Eye Fatigue.
    • Diuretic Detoxification, Supports Liver Health.
    • Boost Immunity, Improve the Beauty & Skincare.
    • Clear heat and improve eyesight, Lower cholesterol, and blood pressure.
    SG $13.99
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    Rose Blend, Rest, Relax, Tea
    Rose Blend, Rest, Relax, Tea

    Herbalist Rose Blend


    Rose Blend Tea is a particularly popular Wellness Flora Tea that combines the essence of rose and chrysanthemum, creating a unique flavour and aroma. This flora tea not only offers a delightful taste but also imparts relaxation, soothing, and calming effects. Rose Blend tea has become a beloved variety of flora tea, acclaimed for its ability to bring about relaxation, soothing properties, and skincare benefits. It is favoured and cherished by many.



    • Rest & Relax and Improve Sleep Quality.
    • Clearing Heat and Detoxifying, Relieving Eye Fatigue.
    • Tonifying the Spleen, Promoting Digestion.
    • Nourishing the Lungs, Promoting Appetite, Aiding Digestion.
    • Blood Nourishing, Beauty-enhancing, Anti-aging.
    • Fatigue Relief, Calming the Mind, Enhancing Cognitive Function.
    SG $13.99
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    Root King Focus Point


    Root King Focus Point is made from matured walnuts and process to obtain its good source of vitamins. Walnut is naturally rich in vitamin A , B, and some necessary minerals such as calcium and magnesium. It is pure and nutrient-rich, light taste without smell, similar to milk fatty acid, easily digested, and absorbed into the body. Extracted walnut oil also contains squalene, omega 3 and 6, flavonoids, folic acid, minerals, and other trace elements, and polyphenol compounds.


    • Enhance memory power & brain activities.
    • Reduce bad cholesterol, high glucose level.
    • Promotes healthy gut, immunity, great skin.
    • Promotes blood circulation, cell activities.
    • Strengthen hair follicles, more black hair.
    • Mood booster, improves sleep quality.
    SG $48.00
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    Vitroman Prostate Care 1


    Vitroman Prostate Care 1 is men’s first step towards a healthy prostate. It is made of pure plant ingredients which helps support prostate and urinary health in men.

    Suitable for user jobs require sitting for prolong hours or need to hold their bladder & urine. Example desktop worker, drivers, cooks, performing long hours surgery.


    • Prostate & urinary support.
    • Regulate urinary, strengthen urine flow.
    • Support smooth urine flow.
    • Support healthy urinary and bladder function.
    SG $60.00
  • Tomato, Lycopene, Prostate
    Vitroman, Tomato, Lycopene, Prostate

    Vitroman Tomato Lycopene


    Vitroman Tomato Lycopene contains 25mg of Lycopene extract and other ingredients which ensure your Lycopene amount charged enough to refresh yourself for a new day.


    • Protects skin from free radicals and UV rays.
    • Supports cardiovascular health.
    • Enhances the immune system.
    • Maintains healthy LDL oxidation.
    • Boosts prostate health.
    • Helps weight loss and avoids some of the adverse effects of obesity.
    SG $49.90
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    Maca Ginseng,The Genital,Sex Pills,Prolong Erection,Penis Enhancement,Sexual Performance,Penis Enhance,Male Vitality Supplement,Oyster extract,Maca Capsules,Vitroman,Maca
    Maca Ginseng,The Genital,Sex Pills,Prolong Erection,Penis Enhancement,Sexual Performance,Penis Enhance,Male Vitality Supplement,Oyster extract,Maca Capsules,Vitroman,Maca
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    Vitroman Maca Ginseng


    Vitroman Maca Ginseng uses Maca that grows at high altitude in the Andean highlands of Peru and is one of the few plants that can be cultivated in the harsh climate. This is an innovative formula that neutralize the body system so that user feel more energise and less lethergy. Maca is an adaptogen and hormonal regulator while ginseng is a vitality plant. It stimulate the immune system to fight against illness, regulate the nervous system, slow down aging process, enhance erectile function and sexual satisfaction.


    • Build immunity, enhance energy & vitality.
    • Relief stress, counteract tiredness.
    • Enhance energy & boost stamina.
    • Improve mood & boost endurance. 
    • Improve mental & physical performance.
    SG $57.00
  • Root King, Liver Shield, Liver, Detox Toxin
    Liver, Detox Toxin

    Root King Liver Shield


    Root King Liver Shield is made of Milk Thistle, Noni, Turmeric, and other beneficial herbs for the liver. Milk Thistle contains a complex of antioxidant flavonoids which work to maintain health and energy level, nourish the stomach, spleen, gall bladder, kidney and liver. Despite Noni’s strong smell, it contains high vitamin C, manganese, magnesium, including potassium.

    Liver is responsible for carbohydrate, protein, fat and hormones metabolism, thus maintaining a healthy liver is very important to our health.


    • Cleanse & detox toxin in the liver.
    • Enhance liver vitality & activity.
    • Lower cholesterol, protect cardiovascular.
    • Promote antioxidant, scavenging free radicals.
    • Regulate carbohydrate, protein, fat & hormones metabolism.
    • Protect liver against damage from drugs, alcohols & other harmful substances.
    SG $58.00
  • Oyster Extract,The Genital,Sex Pills,Prolong Erection,Penis Enhancement,Sexual Performance,Penis Enhance,Male Vitality Supplement
    Oyster Extract,The Genital,Sex Pills,Prolong Erection,Penis Enhancement,Sexual Performance,Penis Enhance,Male Vitality Supplement

    Vitroman Oyster Extract


    Vitroman Oyster Ext offers benefits from oyster meat useful to support men’s reproductive health. Oyster provides a natural source of multi-minerals and marine vitamins such as amino acids, taurine, and rich source of zinc.


    • Keep immune system strong.
    • Protect liver & gall bladder.
    • Maintain good sex drive.
    • Increase fertility & boost sperm count.
    SG $69.00
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    Root King Omega 3 Fish Oil (odourless)


    Root King Omega 3 fish oil is derived from small fish from the deep ocean such as anchovy, mackerel, or sardine. Omega 3 fatty acids are a type of unsaturated fatty acid that may reduce inflammation throughout the body. Two main omega-3 fatty acids, Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are found mainly in fish and fish oil. These small fish has one of the highest concentrations of EPA & DHA found. And because of their size and shorter lifecycle, small fish is naturally lower in potential environmental toxins such as mercury and contaminants.

    Omega-3 enhance joint mobility when incorporated into cartilage cell and can also help increase blood flow during exercise.


    • Odourless, no fishy aftertaste.
    • EPA 180mg & DHA 120mg.
    • Decrease triglycerides, lower blood pressure .
    • Promote brain, heart & joint health.
    • Reduce inflammation, heart problem.
    • Improve skin conditions like acne prone.
    SG $48.00
  • Cistanches, Horny Goat Weed, Improve immunity, Prevent premature ejaculation
    Vitroman, Cistanches, Horny Goat Weed, Improve immunity, Prevent premature ejaculation

    Vitroman Cistanches


    Vitroman Cistanches is made of Chinese traditional medicine – Cistanches, Horny Goat Weed, Oyster, and Peruvian Maca. It helps to reinforce the vital function of the kidney, especially the sexual organs. Cistanches is one of the more popular and potent Yang tonic herbs known to treat erectile dysfunction. It is widely reported that men who took Cistanches experience notable increases in their sexual prowess. In addition, the herb is also used in the treatment of soreness and pain of the lumbar and knees.


    • Tonify the kidneys.
    • Improve immunity.
    • Prevent premature ejaculation.
    • Enhance blood circulation, vitality, and stamina.
    • Strengthen sexual function.
    SG $69.00
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    Root King Pure Lecithin


    Root King Pure Lecithin is derived from the North American high-quality soybean. It is produced by America’s largest soybean production company. Lecithin is a substance that’s naturally found in the tissues of our body. It plays an important role in regulating blood lipids, improving the immune system and overall health functions. It is also known as protein, vitamin tied “third nutrients.” It is inseparable from human life from beginning to end, nurtured, and protected.


    • Keep the arteries clear of plaque. 
    • Reduce fat accumulation in liver & blood vessels.
    • Reduce LDL-cholesterol, hair loss, gallbladder, acne, eczema.
    • Support healthy blood pressure.
    • Retains moisture for dry skin & brittle hair. 
    • Aid healthy cardiovascular, nervous system, brain function & liver health.
    SG $38.00
  • Vitroman Booster Pack, Powerplus, Formula XP

    Vitroman Booster Pack


    Vitroman Booster Pack is offering the following products to help you to reach new heights.

    SG $106.00
  • rocelle roselle

    Root King Rocelle


    Root King Rocelle contains only water extracted roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa), Keji Beling and Java tea. They consists of natural Vitamin C, minerals, protein and other amino acids. Person experiencing indigestion, constipation, urination discomfort, sleep and skin beauty problems may consider roselle for body toxic filter and body detox.  antibacterial and anti–aging effect.


    • Cleanse & detox the liver & kidneys.
    • Reduce urinary infection, UTI, itchy.
    • Reduce foamy urine, smelly & dark yellowed urine.
    • Temporary relief water retention, ease constipation.
    • Reduce stone formation, stomach gall bladder.
    • Regulation of blood lipid, blood pressure.
    • Calming effect, UV protection, reduced pigmentation.
    • Suits alcoholic, fatty food lovers, kidney stones.
    SG $48.00
  • Vitroman Tongkat Ali Max, Increase Libido

    Vitroman Tongkat Ali Max


    VITROMAN Tongkat Ali MAX (20 caps), is formulated with standardized Eurycomanone. Eurycomanone is a chemical compound that has been isolated from Tongkat Ali roots (Eurycoma longifolia). Tongkat Ali is a powerful natural androgen, also well known to improve fertility by increasing testosterone.


    • Enhance sexual desire & pleasure.
    • Increase libido & improve sexual function.
    • Energize the body, stimulating sexual activity.
    SG $25.00
  • Sharp Mind, Improve Forgetfulness
    Root King, Sharp Mind, Improve Forgetfulness

    Root King Sharp Mind


    Root King Sharp Mind is developed by Japan nanotechnology. It combines nanotech and 4 herbal ingredients; Hydrogen ion bond calcium, Ginkgo biloba extract (Ginkgolic acid free) , Phosphatidylserine (soybean derived), and DHA (fish oil derived).


    • Improve forgetfulness, slow mobility. 
    • Improve cognitive function for older adults with dementia.
    • Promote intellectual thinking.
    • Enhance concentration, brain & eyes function. 
    • Regulate blood circulation in brain.
    • Suits job that requires brainstorming & thinking.
    SG $69.00
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    Root King Sleep Tight


    Root King Sleep Tight Softgel contains melatonin and lecithin. It helps to regulate sleep and wake cycles. It is extracted from plants and suitable for daily and long term use. Melatonin is also secreted by the pineal gland; a pea-sized gland located just above the middle of the brain and contributes to the sleep-wake cycle. They were known as the “sleep hormone.”


    • Treat jet lag, trouble sleeping.
    • Promote good mood & rest.
    • Body not producing sufficient melatonin.
    • Impairments of day & night time function. 
    • Regulate normal sleep pattern, relieve stress.
    • Also suitable for sleep for elderly.
    • Adjust sleep schedule in people that do shift work.
    SG $38.00