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    Breast Cream, Breast Cream Singapore, Breast Enlargement, Breast Enhancement
    Miri, Breast Cream, Breast Cream Singapore, Breast Enlargement, Breast Enhancement

    Miri Breast Cream


    Miri Breast Cream is designed especially to help breast enlargement and enhancement. Its main ingredient, Pueraria Mirifica, main function is to help increase breast growth. The herb has more than 15 years of clinical studies, have confirmed that Pueraria Mirifica carries large amounts of isoflavones and phytoestrogens (plant estrogen) is efficient to help stimulates the development of breast tissue and help improve the cup size.

    Its efficiency has proven a high success rate for breast enhancing and increasing breast cup size. In addition, Miri breast enlarging cream also contains vitamin A to prevent breast skin dryness and to keep the breasts area supple. The cream is smooth and light in texture, non greasy and non irritation on skin.

    • Enlarge breasts & increase bra cup size.
    • Regain breast volume, lift up saggy breast.
    • Lighten dark areola, get rosy pink nipples.
    • Moisturize chest & breast area, reduce dry wrinkle lines.
    • Also suit menopause women or users whom stop breast feeding .
    • Product come with massage manual.
    SG $48.00
  • calcium plant calcium
    calcium plant calcium

    Quan Wei Plant Calcium



    Quan Wei Plant Calcium is 100% plant-derived, formulated from third-generation plant calcium (calcium amino acid chelate) together with some chosen herbs, so the bioavailability of the product is doubled. The clinical study shows that the absorption level of organic calcium which originates from plants is 6-8 times higher than inorganic calcium.

    How will Quan Wei Plant Calcium benefit me?

    • Soothe joint inflammation.
    • Improve blood calcium levels.
    • Increase calcium absorption & bone density.
    • Strengthen nail and hair growth.
    • Build strong healthy bones.
    • Maintain a healthy heart.
    • No stomach stimulation, no worry kidney stone formation.
    • Vegetarian capsules, herbal base.
    SG $48.00
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    Root King Q10 Black Garlic


    Root King Q10 Black Garlic is formulated from the fermented organic garlic and selected herbs. It contain nutrients such as amino acids and antioxidants agent.

    Using more advanced fermentation process, Root King Q10 Black Garlic is free of odour and its active components are enhanced. Other health beneficial components like S-allylcysteine is produced from the evolution of allicin that helps balance good cholesterol.

    Root King Q10 Black Garlic also contain Coenzyme Q10, Noni and other herbs. Coenzyme Q1 has been used to treat many different conditions such as lower blood pressure slightly, improve heart health, fight free radicals and elevate the immune system. Together with green tea and turmeric extract that is rich in antioxidants properties, Root King Q10 Black Garlic also help to maintain cholesterol at healthy level, support blood circulation and the immune system.


    • Adjust sub-health, alleviate fatigue.
    • Promotes metabolism, enhance immune systems.
    • Reduce sinus, eczema problem, itchy skin & inflammation.
    • Promote heart health & respiratory system.
    • Lower cholesterol level, maintain healthy blood pressure.
    • Anti-oxidation & anti-aging.
    • No odor and aftertaste.
    SG $48.00
  • Vitroman, Herbal Gel, Vitroman Herbal Gel, Penis Enlargement, Penis Enhancement, Penis Enlarge, Penis

    Vitroman Herbal Gel


    Vitroman Herbal Gel main active ingredient is 18% Butea Superba, a precious herb of Thailand. It is a natural and soothing gel; lightly scantly and non-greasy. Just like a lubricant, it is non-intrusive and suitable for regular use.


    • Boost erection stamina.
    • Improve holding power (delay ejaculation) during foreplay.
    • Stronger erection than normal.
    • Stabilize blood flow during erection.
    • Enjoy better and longer sex.
    • Penis appears fuller even at non erected position.
    • Maintain penis health and function.
    SG $49.90
  • collagen, protein, Miri Collagen Protein

    Miri Collagen Protein


    Miri Collagen Protein uses extracts from the skin of codfish. The active collagen obtained from fish skin is then broken down into smaller molecules called peptides so it is easier for the body to absorb. Collagen is a great companion that helps in your daily beauty and skincare routine which you may not want to skip it.

    Collagen also plays an essential role in the structure of connective tissues, such as tendons, ligaments and cartilage. Taking collagen helps alleviate some of the symptoms of arthritis, inflammation of joints and surrounding tissues.


    • Reduce acne, eczema problem, clear clogged pores.
    • Reduce oily skin (sebum build up) so makeup will not melt.
    • Delay signs of aging; wrinkles appearing on eye area, face, neck.
    • Delay aging dents on foreheads, sunken temples etc.
    • Increase skin elasticity & hydration.
    • Speed up wound healing, reduce scar formation.
    • Strengthen nails, hair, skin, joints.
    • Regain skin suppleness
    SG $48.00
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    Root King Calcium-D


    Root King Calcium-D is essential for strong bones, muscles, nerves, and heart health. The product contains calcium carbonate with an equivalent amount of elemental calcium (500mg) that is needed to achieve the recommended or desired calcium intake daily. Formulated with vitamin D3 enhances your immunity, promotes calcium absorption, and maintains adequate serum calcium concentrations for bone reformation.

    Suitable for pregnant moms, menopause women, elderly, users intolerance to milk product, spend little time in the sun. NOT suitable for regular constipation or user with kidney stones.


    • Physician’s formula to treat or prevent calcium deficiency.
    • Regulate muscle contraction & joint flexibility.
    • Increase bone density, reduce risk of osteoporosis.
    • Enhance blood flow, reduce period cramp, keep heart healthy.
    • Improve low blood calcium, nerve conduction, immune system responses.
    SG $38.00
  • PowerPlus, Tongkat Ali, Male Enhancement, Men Enhancement
    Vitroman, PowerPlus, Tongkat Ali, Male Enhancement, Men Enhancement

    Vitroman PowerPlus


    Vitroman PowerPlus contain main active herbs Butea Superba. The extracted ingredients were processed in a safe way and easily digest into the body. Butea Superba which have flavonoid & flavonoid glycoside is known to increase muscle relaxant and blood flow. It works by dilating blood vessels in the genital area and other body parts such as waist and cardio which can result in a better sexual function and blood circulation with great sensation and health performance.


    • Powerful waist thrusting power.
    • Increase penis hardness and intense orgasm.
    • Feel youthful and energetic.
    • Sustain longer than before erection.
    • Boost up erectile capacity.
    • Strengthen hair roots, lessen hair loss.
    • Reduce cholesterol and support cardiovascular health.
    SG $60.00
  • Menopause Symptoms, Menopause Support, Hot Flashes, Hot Flushes, Anxiety, Menopause Supplements, Vaginal Atrophy, Night Sweats

    Miri Feminine Essence


    Miri Feminine Essence is a blend of natural herbal ingredients, Pueraria Mirifica,  Moringa Oleifera, Safflower and etc. The supplement helps to strengthen bone density and relieve menopause symptoms. It also enhances the female secondary sexual characteristics, increases sexual sensitivity and vitality, refines skin appearances, promotes silky and shiny hair, and serves as an anti-wrinkle and antioxidant agent.

    Recommended for before & after menopause. Before menopause: menses are not regular and experience hot flushes, anxiety, etc. After menopause: dryness of skin, hair & vaginal (unenjoyable sex), dull skin, breasts shrink and etc.

    • Reduce hot flush, night sweats, anxiety, and mood swings.
    • Promote a good mood and sleep.
    • Regain breast firmness and fullness.
    • Moisturizes skin, and hair & lubricates the vaginal wall.
    • Lower risk of cardiovascular, osteoporosis, and metabolic syndrome.
    SG $58.00
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    Root King Cinnamon Extract


    Root King Cinnamon is a natural approach to support healthy sugar levels from the daily carbohydrates intake. By using the water extraction method to process the ingredients, it helps filter out toxins, impurities, and harmful components found in raw herbs while retaining the active water-soluble elements and their herbal essence. It is also easily absorbed into the body to release faster effects. Cinnamon could imitate the effects of insulin, thus support starch and sugared food breakdown, improve metabolism, maintain body composition, support prostate health and healthy immune system in healthy individuals.

    Diabetic users can take this product 2-3 hour AFTER their usual medication. 


    • Maintain blood sugar levels within a normal range.
    • Control appetites, aid weight loss.
    • Control craving for sweets tooth like cakes, soft drinks, starchy foods.
    • Improve insulin sensitivity more effectively.
    • Speed up the metabolism of glucose.
    • Maintain healthy blood pressure & cholesterol levels.
    • Suitable for glucose concerns, prediabetic & diabetic users. 
    SG $48.00
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    Vitroman Tongkat Ali 100


    Vitroman Tongkat Ali 100 supplement uses the latest extraction technology in order to obtain the purity and retain the active components – Eurycomanone and Quassinoids. It is purely 100% without other herbs mix thus it is concentrated and could achieve desired results effectively.


    • Increase testosterone and sperm count.
    • Boost male libido and energy.
    • Reduces blood sugar.
    • Reduces high blood pressure.
    • Supports cardiovascular health.
    • Build muscle mass and strength.
    • Enhances the Immune system.
    • Improves athletics and physical performances.
    SG $49.90
  • Slim, Bowel Movement, Weight Loss

    Miri HCA Slim


    Miri HCA-Slim helps to clean out toxin and fat build up in the body, to enable our vital organs to function healthily. The removal of these toxins is essential for healthy body function. The build-up of toxin may pollute our entire body through the bloodstream and lead to itchy skin and other skin condition, overweight, low energy level, bloating and bowel obstruction etc. These sign show that our colon is unable to cope with the toxic overload and it’s time to detox our body or it may affect our quality of life.

    How will Miri HCA-Slim benefit me?

    Miri HCA-Slim offers a unique formula of Chitosan, Garcina, Green tea and Aloe Vera for cleaning internal system (colon, liver, kidney) to get rid of the toxin build up as well as fat accumulation, give us more energy, refresher feeling, brighter skin and slimming.


    • Take BEFORE meal to block fat absorption.
    • Block accumulation of dietary fats.
    • Lower cholesterol levels.
    • Cleanse internal system.
    • Regulate bowel movement.
    • Brighten up dull skin.
    • Minimize free radical damage.
    SG $58.00
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    Root King Easy Slim 2.0


    Root King Easy Slim contains natural fats blocker and burner, promotes fatty acid metabolism and reducing fats settlement. Person experiencing slow digestion, weight gain and overweight, weight loss difficulty may consider Easy Slim in the diet program, weight and waist line management.

    It is a combination of herbs and fruit formulation (Tamarind, Green tea, Orange jasmine, Seaweed, Senna leave), gentle on the stomach and even suitable for the elderly users. Recommended together with daily exercise and a healthier diet to achieve weight loss effectively.


    • Reduce bloating, trapped gas & constipation.
    • Promote detoxification, lower blood lipids.
    • Speed up metabolism, clear blood of impurities.
    • Flatten tummy, feel lighter.
    • Prevent sugar turn into fat.
    • Breakdown fats accumulation.
    • Help during weight loss plan.
    • Promotes blood flow, warm spleen & non stimulant laxatives.
    SG $48.00
  • vitroman, x-power, Sex, Sex Pills, Penis Enhancement, Sexual Performance, Male Vitality Supplement, Penis, Energy Booster, Sexual Intercource
    vitroman, x-power, Sex, Sex Pills, Penis Enhancement, Sexual Performance, Male Vitality Supplement, Penis, Energy Booster, Sexual Intercource

    Vitroman X-Power


    Vitroman X-Power is a special blend with higher dosage (500mg per capsule) of Tongkat Ali and Butea Superba. The supplement is recommended for men whom engaged in constant socializing, late nights out, work overtime and frequent sexual activity (energy could be quickly restore and replenish during vigorous and longer sex).


    • Energy booster during sexual intercourse.
    • More waist thrusting power.
    • Optimize sexual performance.
    • Intense orgasm.
    • Correct irregular erections.
    • Improve sexual confidence.
    • Toner muscle.
    SG $60.00
  • Miri, Rose Whitening, Product Singapore, Beauty & White, Skin Rejuvenation, Reduce Pigmentation
    Miri, Rose Whitening, Product Singapore, Beauty & White, Skin Rejuvenation, Reduce Pigmentation

    Miri Rose Whitening


    Miri Rose Whitening is packed with natural yet powerful skin lightening herbal extracts: Rose, Mulberry, Pomegranate and L-Cysteine. Skin whitening effect regimen according to the theory, start from the inner body, nourishing blood, detox, reducing the body’s melanin, and improve skin surface to be more delicate, rosy, and shiny.


    • Reduce new melanin formation, dark or age spots.
    • Reduce acne, skin redness and inflammation.
    • Retain collagen & hydrates skin.
    • Relief dry skin, minimize wrinkles. 
    • Boosts liver’s production of glutathione, skin brightening effect. 
    SG $58.00
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    Root King Energy


    Root King Energy contains a proprietary blend of Tongkat Ali and other standardized herbs. Person experiencing stress, muscle tension and insomnia may consider taking to restore energy and vigour, relieve muscle ache and improve sexual desire affected by hormone imbalance or deteriorating hormones due to age.

    Unlike energy bars or energy drinks which contains too many calories and too much caffeine, creating a false energy burst then followed by a drop. Root King Energy, doesn’t contain caffeine or calories. It has no side effects and is non-dependency.


    • Balance “qi” in the body.
    • Counteract flagging energy.
    • Strengthen immune system.
    • Support blood circulation, boost energy.
    • Increase low sexual desire.
    • Relief body heat due to stress.
    • Ease discomfort in joint and back.
    SG $48.00
  • Catuaba

    Vitroman Brazilian Catuaba


    Vitroman Brazilian Catuaba contains Brazilian herb that is known as an herbal supplement deriving from a small tree native to the Brazilian landscape. It has yellow and orange flowers and bears an oval-shaped, yellowish-brown fruit. Its bark is well known for its uncommon antiviral and antibacterial qualities.


    • Help achieves erection & increase desire. 
    • Regains lost sexual function.
    • Stimulates central nervous, boosts energy level.
    • Control pain & fights fatigue.
    • Anti-depression, anti-anxiety, improve good mood.
    • Provides energy & immune support.
    SG $60.00