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    Vitroman X-Power

    Vitroman X-Power is a special blend with higher dosage (500mg per capsule) of Tongkat Ali and Butea Superba. The supplement is recommended for men whom engaged in constant socializing, late nights out, work overtime and frequent sexual activity (energy could be quickly restore and replenish during vigorous and longer sex).


    • Energy booster during sexual intercourse.
    • More waist thrusting power.
    • Optimize sexual performance.
    • Intense orgasm.
    • Correct irregular erections.
    • Improve sexual confidence.
    • Toner muscle.
    SG $60.00
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    Miri Rose Whitening

    Miri Rose Whitening is packed with natural yet powerful skin lightening herbal extracts: Rose, Mulberry, Pomegranate and L-Cysteine. Skin whitening effect regimen according to the theory, start from the inner body, nourishing blood, detox, reducing the body’s melanin, and improve skin surface to be more delicate, rosy, and shiny.


    • Reduce new melanin formation, dark or age spots.
    • Reduce acne, skin redness and inflammation.
    • Retain collagen & hydrates skin.
    • Relief dry skin, minimize wrinkles. 
    • Boosts liver’s production of glutathione, skin brightening effect. 
    SG $58.00
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    Root King Energy

    Root King Energy contains a proprietary blend of Tongkat Ali and other standardized herbs. Person experiencing stress, muscle tension and insomnia may consider taking to restore energy and vigour, relieve muscle ache and improve sexual desire affected by hormone imbalance or deteriorating hormones due to age.

    Unlike energy bars or energy drinks which contains too many calories and too much caffeine, creating a false energy burst then followed by a drop. Root King Energy, doesn’t contain caffeine or calories. It has no side effects and is non-dependency.


    • Balance “qi” in the body.
    • Counteract flagging energy.
    • Strengthen immune system.
    • Support blood circulation, boost energy.
    • Increase low sexual desire.
    • Relief body heat due to stress.
    • Ease discomfort in joint and back.
    SG $48.00
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    Vitroman Brazilian Catuaba

    Vitroman Brazilian Catuaba contains Brazilian herb that is known as an herbal supplement deriving from a small tree native to the Brazilian landscape. It has yellow and orange flowers and bears an oval-shaped, yellowish-brown fruit. Its bark is well known with its uncommon antiviral and antibacterial qualities.


    • Help achieves erection & increase desire. 
    • Regains lost sexual function.
    • Stimulates central nervous, boosts energy level.
    • Control pain & fights fatigue.
    • Anti depression, anti anxiety, improves good mood.
    • Provides energy & immune support.
    SG $60.00
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    Miri Slim Code

    Miri Slim Code is formulated with chosen herbs to break down fat build-up and promote metabolism as well. The main ingredient of Slim Code is the extract of African mango seed that is known with very high in soluble fiber. African mango seed contains 18 amino acids and a good source of nutrients, vitamins, and mineral such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, and iron.

    Additionally, African mango seed contains Leptin, a mediator in regulating energy intake and expenditure, including appetite and hunger, metabolism that improve bowel function, overweight, and immunity. It also plays an important part in appetite control due to the high level of Leptin making us feel full and less prone to overeating.

    How will Miri Slim Code benefit me?

    Miri Slim Code help to balance healthy cholesterol, reduce body weight, increase antioxidant and gastrointestinal activity. It also supports a healthy and balance diet with the high fiber property from African mango seed.


    • Take AFTER meal to promote digestion.
    • Suppresses appetite, prevent over-eating.
    • Reduce fat accumulation, trim waistlines.
    • Burn fats help weight loss.
    • Lower cholesterol levels.
    • Support daily fiber requirements.
    SG $58.00
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    Root King Eye Care

    Root King Eye Care uses Bilberry, Blackcurrant known for maintaining healthy eyes. Bilberries contain a set of powerful antioxidant and natural bio complexes called Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPC) supporting healthy eyes. Bilberry has antioxidant properties supporting healthy inside ocular pressure, support circulation in the fine blood vessels of the eyes as well as fortify blood vessel walls. Together with other antioxidants ingredients for good eye health such as zeaxanthin, bilberry & blueberry extracts, pine bark extract and hyaluronic acid which lubricates dry tired eyes, maintains healthy eyes, help delay or prevent eyes problems arising.

    Suitable for: Adults & seniors, contact lens wearers, tired dry eyes, drivers, precision assemblers.


    • Protect against bright light or glare exposure.
    • Quickly lubricate eyes, improve vision clarity.
    • Relief eye-focusing stress for drivers, assembly workers etc.
    • Relief eye-strain for prolong hours on computers, digital devices, reading etc.
    • Fortify blood vessels wall, protects optic nerves.
    • Relief eye fatigues, support healthy intraocular pressure.
    • Enhance circulation in the fine blood vessels of the eyes.
    • Also suitable for Vegetarian users.
    SG $48.00
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    Vitroman Maca Extract

    Vitroman Maca is one of the life-changing supplements. Its ingredient is Maca blend with traditional herbal formula. If you’re still new to Vitroman Maca, try it now then notice the change in your awareness and energy level. You will experience the real effect.


    • Support andropause & immune system.
    • Support good mood & increase metabolism.
    • Treat weak blood, relief stress, enhance memory.
    • Boost athletic performance.
    SG $60.00
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    Root King Focus Point

    Root King Focus Point is made from matured walnuts and process to obtain its good source of vitamins. Walnut is naturally rich in vitamin A , B, and some necessary minerals such as calcium and magnesium. It is pure and nutrient-rich, light taste without smell, similar to milk fatty acid, easily digested, and absorbed into the body. Extracted walnut oil also contains squalene, omega 3 and 6, flavonoids, folic acid, minerals, and other trace elements, and polyphenol compounds.


    • Enhance memory power & brain activities.
    • Reduce bad cholesterol, high glucose level.
    • Promotes healthy gut, immunity, great skin.
    • Promotes blood circulation, cell activities.
    • Strengthen hair follicles, more black hair.
    • Mood booster, improves sleep quality.
    SG $48.00
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    Vitroman Prostate Care 1

    Vitroman Prostate Care 1 is men’s first step towards a healthy prostate. It is made of pure plant ingredients which helps support prostate and urinary health in men.

    Suitable for user jobs require sitting for prolong hours or need to hold their bladder & urine. Example desktop worker, drivers, cooks, performing long hours surgery.


    • Prostate & urinary support.
    • Regulate urinary, strengthen urine flow.
    • Support smooth urine flow.
    • Support healthy urinary and bladder function.
    SG $60.00
  • 提高免疫力 养颜美容 祛斑

    Root King Grape Seed

    Root King Grape Seed is the perfect combination of 3 main ingredients: grape seed, mulberry leaf, and green tea. They help to enhance immune system, improve overall health, beautify skin texture, promote healthy cholesterol level, maintain healthy blood pressure and glucose level. Studies found that taking grape seed extract (OPC) increased blood levels of antioxidants. Antioxidants aid in destroying free radicals which contribute to aging and health problems such as heart disease and cancer. OPC belongs to a group of powerful antioxidant compound, are found in grape seeds, helps the body produce glutathione (master antioxidant) that protects DNA and strengthens the immune system.


    • Reduce oxidative damage, protect cells.
    • Reduce cholesterol level & high blood pressure.
    • Decreased chemotherapy-induced inflammation.
    • Improve insulin sensitivity, reduce blood sugar.
    • Keep skin healthy, reduce the signs of aging.
    • Grape seeds contain resveratrol with high antioxidants.
    SG $58.00
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    Vitroman Tomato Lycopene

    Vitroman Tomato Lycopene contains 25mg of Lycopene extract and other ingredients which ensure your Lycopene amount charged enough to refresh yourself for a new day.


    • Protects skin from free radicals and UV rays.
    • Supports cardiovascular health.
    • Enhances the immune system.
    • Maintains healthy LDL oxidation.
    • Boosts prostate health.
    • Helps weight loss and avoids some of the adverse effects of obesity.
    SG $49.90
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    Root King Konnyaku

    Root King Konnyaku is made of Konjac glucomannan, a tuber roots eaten throughout Japan for thousands of years. It has no fat, no calorie, gluten free and soy free. It mainly contains minerals and glucomannan fiber. Konjac makes an excellent bulk-forming agent and may have a positive influence on blood sugar levels by delaying stomach emptying. A 2005 study found that the soluble dietary fiber supplement helped people with overweight reduce their body weight. Contain other weight loss herbs like Green Tea, Lotus leaf, Wheat.

    Recommended together with daily exercise and a healthier diet to achieve weight loss effectively.


    • Act as a meal replacement.
    • Control appetite so you eat lesser during meal time.
    • Prevents water retention, burn fats, increase energy.
    • Promote friendly gut bacteria, intestinal function.
    • Increase metabolism, bowel regularity, ease constipation. 
    • Slow down absorption of fats, carbohydrates & cholesterol from the gut.
    SG $48.00
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    Vitroman Maca Ginseng

    Vitroman Maca Ginseng uses Maca that grows at high altitude in the Andean highlands of Peru and is one of the few plants that can be cultivated in the harsh climate. This is an innovative formula that neutralize the body system so that user feel more energise and less lethergy. Maca is an adaptogen and hormonal regulator while ginseng is a vitality plant. It stimulate the immune system to fight against illness, regulate the nervous system, slow down aging process, enhance erectile function and sexual satisfaction.


    • Build immunity, enhance energy & vitality.
    • Relief stress, counteract tiredness.
    • Enhance energy & boost stamina.
    • Improve mood & boost endurance. 
    • Improve mental & physical performance.
    SG $60.00
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    Root King Liver Shield

    Root King Liver Shield is made of Milk Thistle, Noni, Turmeric, and other beneficial herbs for the liver. Milk Thistle contains a complex of antioxidant flavonoids which work to maintain health and energy level, nourish the stomach, spleen, gall bladder, kidney and liver. Despite Noni’s strong smell, it contains high vitamin C, manganese, magnesium, including potassium.

    Liver is responsible for carbohydrate, protein, fat and hormones metabolism, thus maintaining a healthy liver is very important to our health.


    • Cleanse & detox toxin in the liver.
    • Enhance liver vitality & activity.
    • Lower cholesterol, protect cardiovascular.
    • Promote antioxidant, scavenging free radicals.
    • Regulate carbohydrate, protein, fat & hormones metabolism.
    • Protect liver against damage from drugs, alcohols & other harmful substances.
    SG $58.00
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    Vitroman Oyster Extract

    Vitroman Oyster Ext offers benefits from oyster meat useful to support men’s reproductive health. Oyster provides a natural source of multi-minerals and marine vitamins such as amino acids, taurine, and rich source of zinc.


    • Keep immune system strong.
    • Protect liver & gall bladder.
    • Maintain good sex drive.
    • Increase fertility & boost sperm count.
    SG $69.00
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    Root King Omega-3 Fish Oil (odourless)

    Root King Omega 3 fish oil is derived from small fish from the deep ocean such as anchovy, mackerel, or sardine. Omega 3 fatty acids are a type of unsaturated fatty acid that may reduce inflammation throughout the body. Two main omega-3 fatty acids, Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are found mainly in fish and fish oil. These small fish has one of the highest concentrations of EPA & DHA found. And because of their size and shorter lifecycle, small fish is naturally lower in potential environmental toxins such as mercury and contaminants.

    Omega-3 enhance joint mobility when incorporated into cartilage cell and can also help increase blood flow during exercise.


    • Odourless, no fishy aftertaste.
    • EPA 180mg & DHA 120mg.
    • Decrease triglycerides, lower blood pressure .
    • Promote brain, heart & joint health.
    • Reduce inflammation, heart problem.
    • Improve skin conditions like acne prone.
    SG $48.00