Vitroman Tongkat Ali 100

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Contain only pure & concentrated essence of tongkat ali. It is free from impurities and more easily absorbed. Reduce fatigue and maintain energy. It is known to contain flavonoids, five times higher than ginseng. It has several effects such as anti-aging, level blood pressure, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, and help maintain small blood vessels and connective tissue.



Vitroman Tongkat Ali 100 active compounds were extracted through latest technology. It was developed for men who need a raise in their vigour and performance. Its benefits particularly for men. Improve man’s health, strength and stamina.

Fondly known as Ali’s walking stick or Malay Ginseng, is used in old medicinal recipes for oral ulcers, intestinal worms and malaria. Traditionally used as herbal remedy for pain relieve like headache, stomach ache, wounds, skin infections and maintain blood level. The herb also contains other phytochemicals that are anti-viral. Besides, this natural herb is man’s ideal health products for many generations.

Who should use this?

Those who want to increase Testosterone, ease mild discomfort, pain in back and joint, relieve heat in inner body and stress.

How to use:

Consume 1 capsule in morning and at night, 1/2 hour before meal or bed. Adjust dosage if necessarily. Do not exceed 4 capsule daily.

**Effects are felt gradually after a period of time. Optimal results should be felt within one to two weeks of uninterrupted use.