male sex steroid, aging male, aging women

Male Sex Steroid

When does it occur, if it develops? Is it a constant occurrence? What is the specific symptomatology? Should sex-steroid-replacement techniques be employed? What, if any, are the patterns of sexual responsivity engendered by these replacement techniques? So little is known of the male climacteric.

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seminal fluid

Ejaculations, Seminal Fluid

Seminal-fluid volume is gradually reduced during the aging process. In the younger man with 24-36 hours of prior ejaculatory continence, the total, seminal-fluid volume averages 3-5 ml, while with a similar continence pattern, an output of 2-3 ml is within normal limits for the post 50 male.

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aging male sex

Aging Male Sex

The natural aging process creates some specific physiological changes in the male cycle of sexual response. Knowledge of these cycle variations has not been widely disseminated.

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male sex steroid, aging male, aging women
Senior Health

Aging Male & Female

Arbitrarily, statistics reflecting the failure rates of treatment procedures for sexual dysfunction in the aging population will be considered in this section rather than dividing the material between the discussions of sexual inadequacy in the aging male and female.

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aging male, ejaculation

Aging Male Ejaculation

Probably the most important psychophysiological alteration of sexual patterning to develop during the 50 to 70 year period is the human male’s loss of high levels of ejaculatory demand.

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