Women's Health

Intercourse Position

The husband has directed to place himself in a sitting (slightly reclining, if desired) position, with his back against a comfortable placement of pillows at the headboard of the bed. With the husband’s legs adequately separated to allow his wife to sit between them, she should recline with her back against his chest, pillowing her head on his shoulder.

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Treatment Of Orgasmic Dysfunction

Neither the biophysical nor the psychosocial systems which influence the expression of the human sexual component have a biologically controlled demand to make specifically positive or negative contributions to sexual function.

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Women's Health

Sexual Function Contribution

During the rapid treatment program, the daily report and ensuing discussions between the co-therapists and marital partners describing the non-orgasmic

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sex therapist
Men's Health

Sex Therapist

If there are to be dual-sex therapy teams, what roles do the individual cotherapists play? What guidelines do they follow?

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male sexual dysfunction, sexual function

Sexual Function

To establish at least a minimum of patient screening, at the onset of the clinical treatment program, no units were accepted in therapy unless the complaining partner in the couple (e.g., the impotent male or the non-orgasmic female) had a history of at least six months of prior psychotherapeutic failure to remove the symptoms of sexual dysfunction. Very soon this proved to be a poorly contrived standard, of little screening value.

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sexual health

Sexual Health

At onset of the program, couples were requested to devote three weeks of their time to the therapeutic program. This concept of time commitment was maintained for the first two years of this clinical research program.

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sexual intercourse
Men's Health

Sexual Intercourse

The ultimate level in couple communication is sexual intercourse. When there is couple complaint of sexual dysfunction, the primary source of absolute communication is interfered with or even destroyed and most other sources or means of interpersonal communication rapidly tend to diminish in effectiveness.

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