Vitroman Lycopene + Prostate Care 1

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Vitroman Tomato Lycopene

Vitroman Tomato Lycopene contains 25mg of Lycopene extract and other ingredients which ensure your Lycopene amount charged enough to refresh yourself for a new day.


  • Protects skin from free radicals and UV rays.
  • Supports cardiovascular health.
  • Enhances the immune system.
  • Maintains healthy LDL oxidation.
  • Boosts prostate health.
  • Helps weight loss and avoids some of the adverse effects of obesity.

Vitroman Prostate Care 1

Vitroman Prostate Care 1 is men’s first step towards a healthy prostate. It is made of pure plant ingredients which helps support prostate and urinary health in men.

Suitable for user jobs require sitting for prolong hours or need to hold their bladder & urine. Example desktop worker, drivers, cooks, performing long hours surgery.


  • Prostate & urinary support.
  • Regulate urinary, strengthen urine flow.
  • Support smooth urine flow.
  • Support healthy urinary and bladder function.
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