Root King Cinnamon + Q10 Black Garlic

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What is the danger of high blood sugar?
High blood sugar itself is not terrible, but the terrible thing is the harm caused by its complications. Once high blood sugar is not well controlled, it can cause complications, leading to failure of the kidneys, eyes, feet, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, which are difficult to treat. Amputation, blindness, uremia… almost no disease can be like high blood sugar!

Five complications of hyperglycemia:

  1. Retinopathy: the most overlooked complication.
  2. Diabetic nephropathy: the most widely involved complication.
  3. Peripheral vascular disease: the most common acute complication.
  4. Peripheral neuropathy: the most confusing complication.
  5. Coronary heart disease: the most difficult complication.

Root King Cinnamon Extract

Root King Cinnamon is a natural approach to support healthy sugar levels from the daily carbohydrates intake. By using the water extraction method to process the ingredients, it helps filter out toxins, impurities, and harmful components found in raw herbs while retaining the active water-soluble elements and their herbal essence. It is also easily absorbed into the body to release faster effects. Cinnamon could imitate the effects of insulin, thus support starch and sugared food breakdown, improve metabolism, maintain body composition, support prostate health and healthy immune system in healthy individuals.

Diabetic users can take this product 2-3 hour AFTER their usual medication. 


  • Maintain blood sugar levels within a normal range.
  • Control appetites, aid weight loss.
  • Control craving for sweets tooth like cakes, soft drinks, starchy foods.
  • Improve insulin sensitivity more effectively.
  • Speed up the metabolism of glucose.
  • Maintain healthy blood pressure & cholesterol levels.
  • Suitable for glucose concern, prediabetic & diabetic users. 

Root King Q10 Black Garlic

Root King Q10 Black Garlic is formulated from the fermented organic garlic and selected herbs. It contain nutrients such as amino acids and antioxidants agent.

Using more advanced fermentation process, Root King Q10 Black Garlic is free of odour and its active components are enhanced. Other health beneficial components like S-allylcysteine is produced from the evolution of allicin that helps balance good cholesterol.

Root King Q10 Black Garlic also contain Coenzyme Q10, Noni and other herbs. Coenzyme Q1 has been used to treat many different conditions such as lower blood pressure slightly, improve heart health, fight free radicals and elevate the immune system. Together with green tea and turmeric extract that is rich in antioxidants properties, Root King Q10 Black Garlic also help to maintain cholesterol at healthy level, support blood circulation and the immune system.


  • Adjust sub-health, alleviate fatigue.
  • Promotes metabolism, enhance immune systems.
  • Reduce sinus, eczema problem, itchy skin & inflammation.
  • Promote heart health & respiratory system.
  • Lower cholesterol level, maintain healthy blood pressure.
  • Anti-oxidation & anti-aging.
  • No odor and aftertaste.
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