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  • Breast Cream, Breast Cream Singapore, Breast Enlargement, Breast Enhancement

    Miri Breast Cream


    Miri Breast Cream is designed especially to help breast enlargement and enhancement. Its main ingredient, Pueraria Mirifica, main function is to help increase breast growth. The herb has more than 15 years of clinical studies, have confirmed that Pueraria Mirifica carries large amounts of isoflavones and phytoestrogens (plant estrogen) is efficient to help stimulates the development of breast tissue and help improve the cup size.

    Its efficiency has proven a high success rate for breast enhancing and increasing breast cup size. In addition, Miri breast enlarging cream also contains vitamin A to prevent breast skin dryness and to keep the breasts area supple. The cream is smooth and light in texture, non greasy and non irritation on skin.

    • Enlarge breasts & increase bra cup size.
    • Regain breast volume, lift up saggy breast.
    • Lighten dark areola, get rosy pink nipples.
    • Moisturize chest & breast area, reduce dry wrinkle lines.
    • Also suit menopause women or users whom stop breast feeding .
    • Product come with massage manual.
    SG $58.00
  • Power Plus, Tongkat Ali, Male Enhancement, Men Enhancement
    Power Plus, Tongkat Ali, Male Enhancement, Men Enhancement

    Vitroman PowerPlus


    *Free Gift: Vitroman Tongkat Ali 100 Trial Pack 10s (While Stock Last)

    Vitroman PowerPlus contain main active herbs Butea Superba. The extracted ingredients were processed in a safe way and easily digest into the body. Butea Superba which have flavonoid & flavonoid glycoside is known to increase muscle relaxant and blood flow. It works by dilating blood vessels in the genital area and other body parts such as waist and cardio which can result in a better sexual function and blood circulation with great sensation and health performance.


    • Powerful waist thrusting power.
    • Increase penis hardness and intense orgasm.
    • Feel youthful and energetic.
    • Sustain longer than before erection.
    • Boost up erectile capacity.
    • Strengthen hair roots, lessen hair loss.
    • Reduce cholesterol and support cardiovascular health.
    SG $60.00
  • Slim, Bowel Movement, Weight Loss

    Miri HCA Slim


    Miri HCA-Slim helps to clean out toxin and fat build up in the body, to enable our vital organs to function healthily. The removal of these toxins is essential for healthy body function. The build-up of toxin may pollute our entire body through the bloodstream and lead to itchy skin and other skin condition, overweight, low energy level, bloating and bowel obstruction etc. These sign show that our colon is unable to cope with the toxic overload and it’s time to detox our body or it may affect our quality of life.

    How will Miri HCA-Slim benefit me?

    Miri HCA-Slim offers a unique formula of Chitosan, Garcina, Green tea and Aloe Vera for cleaning internal system (colon, liver, kidney) to get rid of the toxin build up as well as fat accumulation, give us more energy, refresher feeling, brighter skin and slimming.


    • Take BEFORE meal to block fat absorption.
    • Block accumulation of dietary fats.
    • Lower cholesterol levels.
    • Cleanse internal system.
    • Regulate bowel movement.
    • Brighten up dull skin.
    • Minimize free radical damage.
    SG $58.00
  • Rose, Rose Whitening
    Rose, Rose Whitening

    Miri Rose Whitening


    Miri Rose Whitening is packed with natural yet powerful skin lightening herbal extracts: Rose, Mulberry, Pomegranate and L-Cysteine. Skin whitening effect regimen according to the theory, start from the inner body, nourishing blood, detox, reducing the body’s melanin, and improve skin surface to be more delicate, rosy, and shiny.


    • Reduce new melanin formation, dark or age spots.
    • Reduce acne, skin redness and inflammation.
    • Retain collagen & hydrates skin.
    • Relief dry skin, minimize wrinkles. 
    • Boosts liver’s production of glutathione, skin brightening effect. 
    SG $58.00
  • Catuaba

    Vitroman Brazilian Catuaba


    *Free Gift: Vitroman Powerplus Trial Pack 10s (While Stock Last)

    Vitroman Brazilian Catuaba contains Brazilian herb that is known as an herbal supplement deriving from a small tree native to the Brazilian landscape. It has yellow and orange flowers and bears an oval-shaped, yellowish-brown fruit. Its bark is well known for its uncommon antiviral and antibacterial qualities.


    • Help achieves erection & increase desire. 
    • Regains lost sexual function.
    • Stimulates central nervous, boosts energy level.
    • Control pain & fights fatigue.
    • Anti-depression, anti-anxiety, improve good mood.
    • Provides energy & immune support.
    SG $60.00
  • grape seed
    grape seed

    Root King Grape Seed


    Root King Grape Seed is the perfect combination of 3 main ingredients: grape seed, mulberry leaf, and green tea. They help to enhance immune system, improve overall health, beautify skin texture, promote healthy cholesterol level, maintain healthy blood pressure and glucose level. Studies found that taking grape seed extract (OPC) increased blood levels of antioxidants. Antioxidants aid in destroying free radicals which contribute to aging and health problems such as heart disease and cancer. OPC belongs to a group of powerful antioxidant compound, are found in grape seeds, helps the body produce glutathione (master antioxidant) that protects DNA and strengthens the immune system.


    • Reduce oxidative damage, protect cells.
    • Reduce cholesterol level & high blood pressure.
    • Decreased chemotherapy-induced inflammation.
    • Improve insulin sensitivity, reduce blood sugar.
    • Keep skin healthy, reduce the signs of aging.
    • Grape seeds contain resveratrol with high antioxidants.
    SG $58.00
  • Tomato, Lycopene, Prostate
    Tomato, Lycopene, Prostate

    Vitroman Tomato Lycopene


    Vitroman Tomato Lycopene contains 25mg of Lycopene extract and other ingredients which ensure your Lycopene amount charged enough to refresh yourself for a new day.


    • Protects skin from free radicals and UV rays.
    • Supports cardiovascular health.
    • Enhances the immune system.
    • Maintains healthy LDL oxidation.
    • Boosts prostate health.
    • Helps weight loss and avoids some of the adverse effects of obesity.
    SG $49.90
  • Konnyaku, Meal Replacement, Weight Loss
    Konnyaku, Meal Replacement, Weight Loss

    Root King Konnyaku


    Root King Konnyaku is made of Konjac glucomannan, a tuber roots eaten throughout Japan for thousands of years. It has no fat, no calorie, gluten free and soy free. It mainly contains minerals and glucomannan fiber. Konjac makes an excellent bulk-forming agent and may have a positive influence on blood sugar levels by delaying stomach emptying. A 2005 study found that the soluble dietary fiber supplement helped people with overweight reduce their body weight. Contain other weight loss herbs like Green Tea, Lotus leaf, Wheat.

    Recommended together with daily exercise and a healthier diet to achieve weight loss effectively.


    • Act as a meal replacement.
    • Control appetite so you eat lesser during meal time.
    • Prevents water retention, burn fats, increase energy.
    • Promote friendly gut bacteria, intestinal function.
    • Increase metabolism, bowel regularity, ease constipation. 
    • Slow down absorption of fats, carbohydrates & cholesterol from the gut.
    SG $48.00
  • Liver, Detox Toxin
    Liver, Detox Toxin

    Root King Liver Shield


    Root King Liver Shield is made of Milk Thistle, Noni, Turmeric, and other beneficial herbs for the liver. Milk Thistle contains a complex of antioxidant flavonoids which work to maintain health and energy level, nourish the stomach, spleen, gall bladder, kidney and liver. Despite Noni’s strong smell, it contains high vitamin C, manganese, magnesium, including potassium.

    Liver is responsible for carbohydrate, protein, fat and hormones metabolism, thus maintaining a healthy liver is very important to our health.


    • Cleanse & detox toxin in the liver.
    • Enhance liver vitality & activity.
    • Lower cholesterol, protect cardiovascular.
    • Promote antioxidant, scavenging free radicals.
    • Regulate carbohydrate, protein, fat & hormones metabolism.
    • Protect liver against damage from drugs, alcohols & other harmful substances.
    SG $58.00
  • Cistanches, Horny Goat Weed, Improve immunity, Prevent premature ejaculation
    Cistanches, Horny Goat Weed, Improve immunity, Prevent premature ejaculation

    Vitroman Cistanches


    *Free Gift: Vitroman Tongkat Ali Max (While Stock Last)

    Vitroman Cistanches is made of Chinese traditional medicine – Cistanches, Horny Goat Weed, Oyster, and Peruvian Maca. It helps to reinforce the vital function of the kidney, especially the sexual organs. Cistanches is one of the more popular and potent Yang tonic herbs known to treat erectile dysfunction. It is widely reported that men who took Cistanches experience notable increases in their sexual prowess. In addition, the herb is also used in the treatment of soreness and pain of the lumbar and knees.


    • Tonify the kidneys.
    • Improve immunity.
    • Prevent premature ejaculation.
    • Enhance blood circulation, vitality, and stamina.
    • Strengthen sexual function.
    SG $69.00
  • Vitroman Booster Pack, Powerplus, Formula XP

    Vitroman Booster Pack


    Vitroman Booster Pack is offering the following products to help you to reach new heights.

    SG $106.00
  • Sharp Mind, Improve Forgetfulness
    Sharp Mind, Improve Forgetfulness

    Root King Sharp Mind


    Root King Sharp Mind is developed by Japan nanotechnology. It combines nanotech and 4 herbal ingredients; Hydrogen ion bond calcium, Ginkgo biloba extract (Ginkgolic acid free) , Phosphatidylserine (soybean derived), and DHA (fish oil derived).


    • Improve forgetfulness, slow mobility. 
    • Improve cognitive function for older adults with dementia.
    • Promote intellectual thinking.
    • Enhance concentration, brain & eyes function. 
    • Regulate blood circulation in brain.
    • Suits job that requires brainstorming & thinking.
    SG $69.00