Root King Pure Lecithin

SG $38.00

Protect kidney & liver, arteries, aid brain function. Reduce fat accumulation, break up cholesterol, prevents high blood pressure, lower blood sugar level. Prevent hardening of veins, blood clots, and gallstones. Strengthen the nervous system. Repair liver damage caused by alcoholism.



Root King Pure Lecithin is derived from the North American high-quality soybean. It is produced by America’s largest soybean production company. Lecithin plays an important role in regulating blood lipids and helps to improve the immune system. It is also known as protein, vitamin tied “third nutrients.” It is inseparable from human life from beginning to end, nurtured, and protected. Lecithin protects cells from oxidation and is needed in every cell of the body, mostly the brain and nervous system, circulatory system, immune system and liver, heart, kidney, and other vital organs.

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